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Harmonize Your Team's Mind, Body and Spirit

Through our services, such as Wellness Coaching, Talking & Somatic Therapy, Mindfulness, Yoga, Meditation and various Massage techniques, we offer a holistic toolkit for healing and empowerment. Her commitment to addressing the root causes of stress, disempowerment, and dis-ease resonates deeply with those seeking profound transformation.

Why use Kelly for your Business

With Kelly, you're not just hiring a Wellbeing Consultant; you're embracing a guide who has traversed the depths of holistic healing. Her wanderlust, intuition, and unwavering curiosity led her to study and apply ancient and tested modalities, saving her from debilitating physical and mental ailments.

Business Consultation
Sarvaguna Yoga-Meditation Training and Research Academy
Gateway Purple
YMCA Awards
Open university
Coaching Masters
counselling training

Kelly Danvers Business

So, why hire Kelly for your business? Because she brings a wealth of experience, a heart-centred approach, and a dedication to holistic healing that can empower your team, foster well-being, and guide your business toward a path of balance and growth. Kelly is a beacon of light, ready to illuminate the way to the life you and your team deserve.

Kelly Danvers being trained up in the holistic art of Reiki

According to current meditation studies, 76% of people turn to meditation for health. 


Complimentary Business Consultation

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Motivating Journeys to Wellness: Exploring Global Traditions with Wellness Wonder
Motivating Journeys to Wellness: Exploring Global Traditions with Wellness Wonder

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Wellbeing in the workplace:
Wellbeing in the workplace:

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Find peace of mind.
Find peace of mind.

Energy is pulsing and channeling through my fingers and it's not Reiki energy to which I am attuned, nor is it a need to meditate. It's...

The power of now!
The power of now!

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