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Find peace of mind.

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

Energy is pulsing and channeling through my fingers and it's not Reiki energy to which I am attuned, nor is it a need to meditate. It's an urge to share what I know and let it all flow out.

A newfound faith has recently ignited inside me, a sensation that adds to each and every vital step and emotion on my own personal journey. A journey that not so long ago led me to leave the rat race, book a one-way ticket to India, and ride on a spiritual path around Asia deepening my knowledge and love for yoga. When I finally returned to Europe I drastically changed my career from English teacher to Holistic and Empowerment coach. A change that saw me doing something I loved every day. I believe that my puzzle is coming together and that the pieces are finally slotting into place.

My Grandma used to say ‘Patience is a virtue' and I never really understood what she meant when I was a child but her tone and comforting voice made it sound like it was something important and her words stuck in my mind. Later in life, I slowly discovered the importance of her words as I delved deeper into the world of being more patient and how it deeply connects to self-knowledge and spirituality.

Following Christmas many people find themselves driven to set New Year resolutions to kick start new beginnings. A moment to embrace quitting a bad habit, intent on perhaps replacing it with a healthier choice. What if I were to tell you that this is ineffective and only adds time pressure that will actually make it harder to succeed? There is an easier way to make positive changes in life and I want to guide you on how. Trust me I have become quite the expert at making what some would call life-changing choices, and I would love to help each and every one of you be able to achieve yours and find 'peace of mind living'. A way of life where you have a deep sense of security within and that no matter what life throws at you, you will be able to handle it. That you can find equilibrium and be peaceful in your day-to-day life.

Understand yourself

Let's begin by trying to find ways to tune into and understand the self fully. This isn't about a fresh start or a resolution as you already have a perfectly good base, a unique you! We have been tricked into believing that we have to destroy our foundations and completely change in order to evolve or become a happier version of ourselves. This isn't the case as often the personality traits that determine whether we work too hard or party like an animal, can often be used accordingly to embrace another discipline in our life.

More integral than change is having patience and getting to know yourself extremely well. Think about how well you try to get to know a new friend or partner as you explore their character. Do you use this technique to really get to know yourself? What inspires happiness in your soul, allows you to flow mindfully, or indeed at times release feelings of sadness or frustration? How can you work with these emotions to have a smoother ride in life for 'peace of mind living'?

Listen to yourself

While many of us rush through work and daily chores, mindfulness flies out of the window with time pressures as the forever ticking clock rules life. How about we take a step off the societal treadmill and start to explore what will help us gain more time and focus? When was the last time you listened to your body, what are your emotions, aches, and pains trying to tell you? For many of us, we grow up thinking that when we get a pain or an illness we must visit a doctor to fix it with a diagnosis and a pill. Instead, let's try to skip back to the feeling of the pain and explore what it is trying to tell us. Nowadays there is an array of therapies and activities that allow us to do this such as reiki, acupuncture, meditation, yoga, and tai-chi. Take time to explore what works for you and allows you to feel more connected to your body and mind.

When we start to dig deeper, things don't slot into place just like that. It's difficult and it's challenging, I am not going to lie. There is a reason that many people hide behind the daily grind, the superficial surface, and addictions, as I know too well. More often than not it is harder to take a good look in the mirror and face the depth of your very soul as sometimes what stares back at you is shocking, ugly, and unwanted. It can be extremely hard to let go of old habits, but I truly believe it's more difficult to continue plodding along making the same mistakes wondering what is wrong. Only fear of the unknown holds us back. Make the crucial decision today to embrace any change that you need to make and you will discover an opportunity to live a full and happy life free from addictions or old habits.

Make time for yourself

Instead of looking at time as prohibited, let's embrace my grandma's words and be grateful and patient for every moment that we have. Many people tell me that they don't have time for coaching sessions or even to be with themselves. These are the same people who have time to tag and post on social media or worry over and over again about things that replay in their minds. What we do with our time is more integral than the amount of time we think that we have. Simply changing a small daily habit can help us feel the friendship of time.

Instead of grabbing the phone in the morning, leave it on silent away from the bed and have a yoga mat set up in a cozy space waiting for you. Sitting for just 10 minutes, and allowing yourself to be is a great way to start your day. Alternatively, start by doing a 15-minute yoga practice and gradually work your way up to a longer period. Take time to have a coach who can guide you through, I do!

A pleasant way to start the day and set your mood is to mentally list the things that you are grateful for. Start now, say ten things out loud that you feel grateful for, and see how your mood is instantly uplifted.

We are in control of our own moods and the energy that we transmit. However, at times our bodies and minds become reliant on habits and it is only a question of making a few tweaks here and there. Re-conditioning the brain is not some hippy concept, it has been proven scientifically and supported by many psychologists. With patience, discipline, and positive determination, I believe we are all capable of breaking the habit pattern and doing a spot of re-wiring.

Build your very own 'toolbox'

"Yoga and Meditation aren't for me", and "I don't have time for coaching sessions", I hear some people say. Which leads me to my next point. Each and every one of us is unique and this is where I want to introduce to you what I call 'your toolbox'. Imagine you want to refurbish your home, make the foundation stronger, clean it up, and make it a more inviting place to live. You would need a variety of different tools to do so rather than relying on just one or two. Take this and apply it to your life. How do you know what will make you feel emotionally and psychologically better, without trying an array of different things? For some, it could be ecstatic dance, yoga, meditation, walking the dog, cycling, painting, spending time in nature, or singing. Whatever it may be, ensure you keep experimenting and adding to your unique toolbox.

There will be moments when you need to re-adjust or fix feelings of uncertainty or worry so you dive into your toolbox and ask for help. For instance, maybe you find yourself stressed and need to dive into the toolbox to bring out something that will de-stress you such as a mindfulness guided meditation. Or you need to work on your self-esteem and feel nurtured so you attend a kundalini yoga class. Maybe you have tools such as yoga, meditation, and sports that assist with more than one thing. Remember that once we have these we also start to understand ourselves a lot better too and can start to feel grounded and safe in the knowledge that we can fix and renovate ourselves whenever we need to.

Manifesting for yourself

Another piece of the puzzle to aid your journey as you practice patience, discover yourself, and add to your toolbox, is the art of manifestation. In order to evolve and connect with ourselves, we must think deeply about what we desire. I am not talking solely about materialistic things here, I want you to consider how you want your life to be. Do you see yourself being your own boss and freeing up time to be with your family? Or maybe you dream of a new relationship, or do you long for real love?

Let's give it a go. In your head, you must set the thing that you want to manifest. We can take getting a new job as an example. Normally people say 'I wish I had a new job' but they don't take the desire any further.

Manifesting must become a part of our daily life, it should become a habit to visualize our desires, and as we do we begin to understand exactly how we are at one with the universal life force (energy). Rather than just saying 'I wish I had a new job', picture yourself daily in your new job, what will the atmosphere be like, will you work alone or with people, what hours will you work, where will you be located and how will you feel as you work. The finer details are what really send the message out to the universe and furthermore, it plants seeds within the mind and body about what it expects to receive in life. The more detail that you give to manifesting, the more you will see come to fruition. Write it down, make vision boards, be grateful, and act as if whatever you desire is already yours. Don't just think it, feel it!

I wish you well on your unique journey and your quest to discover the virtue of patience. Take away the time constraints and pressure and instead focus on you and what you need. I can assure you that the deeper you go the more beautiful life can be.

Top tips

● Be patient and use your time well.

● Take the time to know yourself better.

● Listen to and explore what your mind and body are telling you by

exploring different therapies.

● Build your 'toolbox' by speaking with a coach who can guide you and

show you new techniques.

● Surround yourself with good energy and people that you connect with.

● Manifest

● Enjoy peace of mind living.


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