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The power of now!

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

When is the right time to start a new project, a chapter in your life, a new career, or move house, etc? The answer in short is if the idea has been entering your vibrational field and you feel good about the prospect of it then the time is now!

It's not that easy, I can hear you say! I have to plan and do numerous to-do lists and sit on the fear fence as my nervous system sends me signals of anxiety as I don't yet have all of the steps sorted out!

What if I told you that those very signals are what are telling you to take that next step today as each little step will lead to a bigger one until you are fully immersed in what it is that you truly desire? The power of now is in this very moment where we consciously & mindfully embrace our manifestations and allow them to flow.

It is our attachment to fear and imposter syndrome that can deter us from living the life that we want! I welcome you today to start to choose this very moment of the life that you desire and use this very moment to action it. Your dreams are made a reality when you visualize them, dream about them, and then take the mini steps right now! Here are some tips:-

Start by connecting consciously with how you feel at this moment. Close your eyes and allow your breath to settle. Refrain from controlling your thoughts and allow whatever needs to arise to do so.

Check-in with the emotions that may have surfaced. If you are restless you may need to go for a walk, if you are sad you may need to use movement and light shaking to release any trauma etc. Whatever you feel approach it with loving kindness until you feel calm.

At the next available moment which feels right to do so start to channel into your dreams and manifestations. What do you have a calling to do right now? If you are a visual person then you may wish to draw, journal, or create a colourful chart or vision board. If you prefer to speak then record your voice however you feel natural realizing and recording your dreams, do so.

As your dreams start to reveal themselves begin to visualise and feel how they are as if you are already living them! Fear may start to raise its not-so-ugly head - remember that if we reframe it as discussed we can refer to it in this case as the gentle push to get started in this very moment.

Each day check in and fully embrace your dreams and manifestations as they come true (It's happening) and you have to truly believe that.

Remember that an attitude of gratitude will encourage positivity and will guide you on your way. Write down the things that you are grateful for each day.

No need to share with everyone, people won't always understand and may try to throw a spanner in the works, instead surround yourself with high-vibrational beings!

Believe in yourself and the power of now! This moment is what you have so fully embrace it. Trust me it works and you do deserve it!

Find out a few of my own experiences where I laughed at fear and focused on manifesting and how I made my dreams of living and traveling around India, Indonesia, and Malaysia come true when I had zero cash to begin with!

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