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Wellness days & weekends

We care about your well being deeply and that is why we offer various wellness days and weekends throughout the year. We ensure that you are empowered and nurtured both during the experience and after as we grow as a community. Ongoing support is at our core values and we are here as you continue on your journey of empowerment and wellness.

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Wellness Day

Step into 2024 with our Empowered Souls wellness day dedicated to you. A nurturing and caring space where our wellness team will welcome you to share your journey so far and manifest your next steps. We aim to embrace your dreams whilst at the same time offering a place to relax, tap into wellness, and learn many holistic modalities for your journey.

Our wellness day will deliver the following - 

Mindful meditation walk


Gratitude and manifestation circle

Energy circle

Empowerment session

Somatic therapy

Ecstatic dancing 

And much more.....

All delivered with love and expertise from our team who have travelled across the world to learn their holistic skills.

We also offer an energy circle after the event to stay connected as we grow and nurture as a family!




January TBC


Wellness Day

Retreat Weekend

We invite you to a nurturing weekend of wellness. On arrival in this luxurious setting in nature you will be welcomed with open arms by our wellness team.

This wellness weekend has been designed to relax, nurture, and empower you! You will be embraced with Mindful Walking Meditations in nature, Yoga, Reiki & Energy Circles, Empower Coaching, Somatic Sessions, Ecstatic Dance, Touch Therapy, and much more. We will offer both group and individual therapies across the weekend and the holistic therapies will flow all weekend.

What makes our wellness weekends stand out from the rest is that we continue the healing and empowerment journey by having a monthly energy connect circle via Zoom after the event to see how we are all progressing on the journey. It's our vision to connect and grow as a family as we all step into our true power!


England & Spain


June TBC


Retreat Weekend

Currently, we don't have any events scheduled, but stay tuned - we'll be updating our upcoming Retreats and Wellness Days very soon!

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