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Angel card reading

Channelling your unique angel card message

Angel card readings are a way of connecting with your angel and spirit guides to receive guidance and messages. In a busy world where it can feel like we are racing through daily life, the angels encourage us to  slow down and listen.

Angel card reading

Providing nurturing support and uplifting guidance

We cleanse and tune in to the angel cards with your name, date & place of birth via video. Each reading is delivered and the messages are explained via voice notes so that you can refer back to the readings at your leisure. 

Angel card reading

Angelic journey

Many clients use the angel card messages to guide them in their life and enjoy receiving readings on a monthly subscription basis.

Paving a peaceful journey

To receive your unique messages from the angels tune in to our angel card reading service. We also provide advice as to how you can integrate and utilise these readings to enhance your unique journey.

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