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Empowered soul coaching experience

Authentic living = Empowerment

Live authentically you as the unique print on this planet that you are! Our Empowered Soul experience encourages you to dig deep into the holistic being that you are to understand each and every part of you and your life, to welcome better physical & mental health, decisions and to live a full empowered life. By identifying who you really are and what you desire, together we tap into a liberating and empowering journey for you.

Empowered soul coaching experience

A compassionate space awaits you

Step into this compassionate, nurturing and safe Empowered Souls space where you will be held and listened to as well as introduced to various holistic modalities to empower you on your journey.

Empowered soul coaching experience

One size doesn't fit all!

We understand that you are unique and we ensure that we start with a 2.5 hour discovery session where we explore who you are, any current challenges and what you desire on your path to empowerment. 

Following this we resume what you need and want and tailor the 12 week 'Empowered soul' experience to guide the physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual body. Throughout your experience you will receive hand picked and well studied/practiced holistic modalities which will enhance your level of empowerment and bring you to holistic health should you choose to practice them as encouraged.

March to the beat of your drum

We believe that aftercare and support is an important part of your wellness coaching experiences with us and that is why we leave channels for you to connect and communicate with us as you step forward on your empowered journey.

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