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Welcome to our testimonial page, where the voices of individuals from around the world converge to share their transformative experiences with Kelly. As a dedicated holistic practitioner with a nomadic spirit, Kelly's journey has touched lives in diverse corners of the globe. The heartfelt words and stories collected here serve as a testament to the profound impact her holistic services have had on people's well-being. Read on to discover the inspiring journeys and insights of those who have embarked on a path of holistic healing with Kelly.

Kelly Danvers, Wellbeing Consultant enjoying her spare time with friends

I just had my first one-to-one session with Kelly. Thank you for helping guide me on my life path that I am on.  Also for being there to help me better understand me. I look forward to more.

Francis, England

I had a great experience having massages with Kelly. She is very thoughtful and took time to understand me and my requirements following an injury. Would highly reccomend.

Becky, England

I absolutely loved my massage with Kelly. I felt instantly at ease and relaxed. She is fantastic at what she does and makes you feel unbelievably relaxed.

Nicola, England

My reiki session was like I have never experienced before. Kelly is so knowledgeable and you can tell how passionate she is about what she does. She sat down to talk to me about reiki and what she was going to do. The reiki was amazing and I felt totally relaxed. It brought up a lot of feelings for me but I had an enormous sense of relief after letting myself release what I was holding in. I will defintely be returning to see Kelly again.

Nic, England

I have full body massages with Kelly. She is very open to pressure changes and feedback. Her technique is lovely and relaxing. My favourite part was the head massage as it took me to another place away from the busyness of life.

Libby, England

Kelly is an amazing calming presence, who can intuit holistic in a grounded and insightful way. Knowledgeable, personable and with a big heart - I have been lucky to be consulted upon by her. I will continue to use her services as she has helped me to change my life for the better.

Francesca, England

She is deeply knowledgeable about truly knowing and accepting oneself and she will give you the tools to overcome both mental and physical obstacles. Resolve issues you didn’t even know were there and bring balance to your life.

Esther, England

I practice Martial arts, kickboxing and Muay Thai. I compete in all of them and train hard each day. When practicing these combat sports, I suffer minor injuries and receive hard impact at times. Kelly’s reiki and massage sessions have helped me so much. I recently hurt my ankle and left leg and following Kelly’s therapy they felt like brand new.

Jose, Venezuela

Kelly gave me a very effective Reiki session and made space in her busy agenda to help me. She received me with all her good energy, attention and affection. She made me feel very comfortable during and after the session. Following it I found myself to be very positive, light and grateful. In brief, I repeat, One love!

Natalia, Spain

Kelly, where do I start! Open, caring, direct and not only a yoga lecturer.

Without knowing about yoga, I did some sessions. Where she impressed me big time not just by the relaxed atmosphere and positive vibe but especially by her ability to manage multi-participants sessions with different levels of experience. Whilst at the same time she was able to observe our individual limits and give us in-depth recommendations and what to focus on moving forward. The sessions went smooth and was always a great start to the day! I can only recommend her to anybody, who would fancy anything from the description above.

Tomas, Czech Republic

Kelly is an amazing woman with a unique personality and the kindest heart! She was my first Yoga teacher and a big inspiration source. Thank you so much for the introduction to this ancient spiritual practice and for all the positive energy and wisdom you shared with me! Special thanks for our incredible session of Yoga on the SUP boards, this pushed my limits even further and I’m inspired to continue developing my body and soul. Namaste!

Anastasia, Lithuania

Kelly is an incredible person with rock solid positivity. She will guide you in your life, help you through any difficult or stressful period.

She helped me, through yoga, reiki and therapy, to overcome a very difficult year without stress affecting my body or my mind!

Morgane, France

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